How To Combine Antiques With Traditional Furniture In Your Bedroom

Are you building a new home or redecorating a bedroom in your present home? Either way, you may be wanting to combine antiques with traditional furniture. If so, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and lovely. Selecting Your Bedding - Your bed will more than likely be the focal part of your bedroom. Consider buying a sleigh bed from the mid-nineteenth century. The sleigh beds from that era were lavish except for their curved, simple lines. [Read More]

What To Do If Your Elderly Parent Is Moving In With You

Is your elderly parent moving in with you? If you're furnishing a room for them, you'll want to pick bedroom furniture and accessories that accommodates their needs and style. Here are some suggestions to make their room comfortable: Bed and mattress: Let them decide how soft or hard they want the bed to be. If space is limited, consider buying a twin bed. If your parent has health issues such as apnea or acid reflux, a mattress wedge will allow you to raise the head of the bed higher, enabling them to sleep at an angle. [Read More]