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Four Ways To Utilize Rugs To Define Spaces In Your Home

If you are decorating living spaces in your open concept home, sometimes it can be hard to define rooms and spaces in this type of layout. If your dining area blends into your living room and other areas of the home, this type of open floor plan can still be tackled space by space. One way to define spaces is with strategic rug placement. Here are four ways you can use rugs in your home to define spaces.

1. Using Color to Break up Space

One way to break up different living areas in your home is with color schemes and corresponding rugs. If you can break up space with colors, you can use rugs to define color schemes such as tan furnishings in your living room or a rose-colored theme in your dining space. This shift in color will immediately make a distinction between areas. If you can tie these themes together with matching rugs, these spaces will be transformed into their own individual rooms.

2. Informal Hallways

If the main living area of your home is open without defined walkways, this can be outlined with longer runner rugs. These longer rugs can be utilized to set up informal paths to get from one area to another in your home when this might not be defined by hallways. Runner rug placements might work well against walls, behind couches, or alongside tables.

3. Defining Room Boundaries

Larger area rugs can begin to map out a floor plan within an open concept home. Each large rug can define the entire area that is considered a specific space in your home. If you can invest in larger rugs that can be placed under couches or dining room tables, these living areas can be defined and flow together at the same time.

4. Rugs as a Focal Point

Depending on the style and shape of furnishings in your home, rugs can complement these items. If you have an oddly shaped corner of your home or diagonally placed furnishings, you can play this up with vibrant oval or round rugs. Rugs can be used as the focal point in a larger living room areas or entryways.

While open floor plans are popular because they are spacious and can let in more light, this can add the challenge to define smaller spaces within your home. If you can utilize rugs to your advantage, these can break up smaller areas in your home to define living areas when walls can't. To learn more, contact a rug company like Imperial Rug Galleries Limited.