Making Old Furniture New Again

How To Combine Antiques With Traditional Furniture In Your Bedroom

Are you building a new home or redecorating a bedroom in your present home? Either way, you may be wanting to combine antiques with traditional furniture. If so, here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and lovely.

Selecting Your Bedding - Your bed will more than likely be the focal part of your bedroom.

  • Consider buying a sleigh bed from the mid-nineteenth century. The sleigh beds from that era were lavish except for their curved, simple lines. If you can't find an antique one, or if they cost more than you want to spend, consider buying a reproduction.
  • Another idea is to buy a metal bed. Brass beds are treated with special coatings today so you won't have to be forever polishing the one you select. A brass bed can take on a traditional look, yet it will also blend with antiques you have selected.
  • If you want something truly unique, think about using an antique door as your headboard. If you want to include a shabby chic touch, don't even worry about it not having a polished look. A white picket fence would also be a different treatment, especially if you hand paint or stencil flowers or other decorations on it.
  • For the finishing touches, consider framing family heirlooms like crocheted doilies, embroidered handkerchiefs and children's articles of clothing. 

Getting Your Furnishings Home - As you shop for different pieces, some of them may need to be ordered from catalogues or from online stores. Others that you find while on a trip may need to be shipped home. 

  • They will be shipped in packaging like protective foam or protective sheeting that will insure their safe delivery.
  • Larger items may even be placed in crates that have been designed especially for each piece you have ordered.
  • Fragile pieces, like porcelain statuettes, will be surrounded by protective materials like bubble wrap and then protected even more with packaging foam before being placed in a sturdy cardboard box or a small wooden crate. 
  • Whether you find your pieces in Canada, in the United States or anywhere else, you can have the piece of mind that comes from knowing that each piece will be packaged correctly by professionals who know exactly how to wrap and ship articles of all types to their destination.

Remember to keep receipts just in case there is a problem. Another idea is to get valuable antiques appraised for insurance purposes. For more information about shipping valuable or fragile furniture, contact a company like Sureline Foam Products in Calgary.