Want Durable Long-Lasting Furniture? What To Know When You Buy

If you are looking to get brand-new furniture but you want to be sure that you are buying high-quality furniture that will last, there are a lot of different qualities you can look for. You want to be sure that the furniture will be worth the investment that you make, and that it will look good in your home over time. Here are some of the qualities that are important when it comes to getting great furniture and buying furniture that is worth the cost. [Read More]

3 Cost-Conscious Ways To Renovate Your Hotel

If you're not driving guests in the door, you aren't on the road to success. A key factor in increasing stays is making your property more appealing. A new updated look can help you accomplish this goal. If you're on a budget, don't worry. There are several cost-conscious, yet effective, updates you can do to improve the look of your property and boost traffic. Update Common Areas While a large part of staying at a hotel is enjoying a nice, comfortable room, comfort isn't all guests are looking for. [Read More]

Four Ways To Utilize Rugs To Define Spaces In Your Home

If you are decorating living spaces in your open concept home, sometimes it can be hard to define rooms and spaces in this type of layout. If your dining area blends into your living room and other areas of the home, this type of open floor plan can still be tackled space by space. One way to define spaces is with strategic rug placement. Here are four ways you can use rugs in your home to define spaces. [Read More]

Maple Wood Table In Your Kitchen? 2 Problems You May Have And How To Repair Them

A maple wood table is beautiful and durable, but problems can still occur. To keep your wood table looking beautiful, check out the tips below on how to repair some common problems. These repairs can bring your wood table back to its original beauty. White Spots White spots on a maple wood table are generally caused by letting something wet sit on the table, such as a sweating glass. These spots can look unsightly but you can make them go away. [Read More]